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ResX exclude Files/Paths



I've installed ResX Resource Manager with VS17 Enterprise, but there is a missing feature (I think).
I should be able to exclude some paths because I'm working on a project with +500 entity framework migrations, where there is one resource file per migration containing the entire DB Schema in XML (bytes).

The migrations folder contains ~170mb of resources.
ResX just freezes my VS and then it crashes.

Am I missing some configuration to do this?


tomenglert wrote Mar 14 at 2:33 PM

Just filter the resource file by this: .* - (?!Migrations\d{15})

Titko wrote Mar 17 at 7:40 AM

Is this the same for "Move to resource"? I'm getting a lot of .resx files over there in a pop up window. If it's possible to somehow exclude or include project / files would be great!

wrote Mar 17 at 7:44 AM

tomenglert wrote Mar 19 at 1:25 PM

I see, the filter should apply there, too...

wrote Mar 19 at 3:03 PM

Associated with changeset 37753: Improve usability of MoveToResource
  • apply the resource filter to exclude e.g. EF Migrations
  • put preferred and last used item on top of the list

wrote Mar 19 at 3:54 PM