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newer version stopped to work for me in xaml



I didn't use the ResX manager for a while so I dont know since when this problem exists but at the moment new strings that I add in XAML will not be shown in the ResX manager anymore and the old ones are all shown with a reference count of 0 (even though they are all used actually).

Probably the problem is that we use a non standard way to access our strings which looks like this:
<Label Grid.Row="1"
                   Content="{Resx Subject}"
                   TextOptions.TextFormattingMode="Ideal" />
where Subject is one of the Keys

I suspect I will need to add a custom regex string for xaml files in the options for this.. but I could not get it to work. Maybe someone has a hint for me.

Thanks in advance!


UHACS wrote Apr 6 at 5:45 PM

I put it as an issue because it used to work fine before and as far as i can tell the only thing that has changed is that i updated to the latest version of the ResX Resource Manager. (Also we never had to use a custom regex before)

UHACS wrote Apr 7 at 8:40 AM

one update after some more trying:
using the regex
for xaml files did make the reference count work again and shows which keys are used and which not. but it still doesnt find any keys that were added to the code.

tomenglert wrote Apr 7 at 1:11 PM

I can't see the relation between your regex and your code.
What always works is to use ($Key) as regex, this will find anything that contains the key...

What do you mean by "it doesn't find any keys that were added to the code"?

P.S. It pays of going with the standard and not to re-invent the wheel... ;-)