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Released: Feb 26, 2016
Updated: Feb 26, 2016 by tomenglert
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Release Notes
  • WI4683: T4 Templates are added as build action "Content", should be "None".
  • WI4685: Cell selection should not be active by default.
  • WI4686: Trigger custom tool when any language changes.
  • WI4687: WinForms designer drops comments in resx, removing @Invariant.
  • WI4653: Keep sorting after file change.
  • WI4680: Problem when copying/cutting unicode resource strings.
  • Fix broken copy/paste for complex content.
  • WI4650: Show namespace in the resource list (for project residing in the solution folder)
  • WI4651: Resources are not found if the resx file has a default namespace
  • WI4668: VS Crashes when showing lines with warnings
  • WI4660: Select & Copy in column mode
  • WI4604, WI4638, WI4642: New snapshot feature allows to filter for changes (
  • WI4657: Allow to enter tab characters in the top-right edit field.
  • WI4646: Cannot add new key time to time - exception triggered.
  • WI4652: Code generator can be selected in the project list (VS Extension only).
  • WI4654: Properly handle xml files with encodings other than UTF8
  • WI4645: VS extension fails to load: "The composition produced a single composition error. ..."
  • WI4634: Fix: Duplicate keys prevent application to open.
  • WI4637: Entries can be ordered by specifying an index.
  • WI4641: Fix: ClickOnce Version crashes while browse for new directory (pre Vista systems only)
  • WI1244: Transform text templates.
  • WI4636: File name collision in Excel export.
  • WI4623: Fix: Value cannot be null
  • WI4622: Detect inconsistent string format parameters
  • WI4630: Add New Key not working
  • WI4610: Open ResxManager to an specific file
  • WI4625: One Button Click For All Locales
  • WI4623: Improve error logging
  • WI4614: Regression in spreadsheet import
  • WI4621: excel import/export broken in
  • WI4615: App crashing when trying to load resx folder
  • WI4609: Issue with path length
  • WI4595: Excel sheet name too long: Export can now be configured to create one single sheet.
  • WI4592: Word wrap for the top-right edit box.
  • WI4584: V does not start in VS, only an exception is shown
  • WI1360: Highlight entries where the RESX file is missing at all with a hatch brush.
  • WI1360: Add all missing RESX files. (Configurable)
  • WI4578: Mark auto-translated texts. Configurable prefix can be added.
  • WI4582: Translation not working from zh-CHT to zh-CHS.
  • WI1171: Automatic translations. (fix some minor issues)
  • WI1434: Sort order when sorting RESX files by key is configurable.
  • WI1438: Link to translator homepage is broken in VS-Extension.
  • WI1171: Automatic translations.
  • WI1435: Reuse translations.
  • WI1420: Extend/fix default code reference detection patterns.
  • WI1421: Visibility of new added resource files.
  • WI1425: Improve keyboard navigation.
  • WI1404: Improve error messages when Excel import fails
  • WI1407: XML declaration being improperly removed from saved resource file
  • WI1412: Paste should not clear existing text
  • WI1413: Support for RTL languages
  • Added configuration page to support more features.
  • Detect code references algorithm is now fully configurable.
  • WI1359: FTP access -> FileNotFoundException.
  • WI1391: Show stats in status bar.
  • WI1321: Add an option to sort resx file content by key => on the configuration page.
  • WI1388: Support VS2014 (CTP)
  • WI1378: Select first .resx file in list when opening window => select all, not only first.
  • WI1359: Improved column sizing experience.
  • WI1384: "Add new key" shortcut not working - added "Shift+Ins" as alternative shortcut.
  • WI1359: Save column settings; visible/hidden columns are persisted during sessions.
  • WI1374: System.ArgumentException: Cannot add instance of type 'PopupFocusManagerBehavior' to a collection of type 'BehaviorCollection';
  • WI1375: Detect code references not detecting...; relax detection criteria.
  • WI1375: Flat View - show Project/Resx File Path on row hover; is shown in the status bar.
  • WI1381: Error in import from excel - Precondition failed: !string.IsNullOrEmpty(key); skip columns with data but empty key.
  • WI1368: Some of the country flags are mixed up: Refined algorithm to lookup default flag for neutral culture; add overview of languages, flags for neutral cultures are editable.
  • WI1358: Add possibility to increase the font size: Default font size follows VS text size, supports zoom with "ctrl+mouse wheel" like in the VS text editor.
  • WI1361: Visual Studio 2012 crashes when turning on "Detect code references".
  • WI1337: Export selection exports only selected lines and columns.
  • WI1338/1339: "Show only lines with missing strings" filters only the visible columns.
  • WI1334: Delete is deleting too much. (after changing the key, an item stays selected without selection being visible)
  • WI1329: Crash when adding new resource file (try to avoid unnecesary refresh while adding new resource file)
  • WI1327: ArgumentException when starting VS (occurred when ResXManager window is open but no solution is loaded)
  • WI1325: Empty cell does not remove "data" tag in code behind. => Empty nodes are removed, except for the neutral language.
  • WI1319: Can not add new keys in V1.0.0.41 => Restored input dialog for new keys, since inline editing conflicts with filtering.
  • WI1320: List of unused Resources: Support for Web projects. => Web projects and attribute references are supported.
  • WI1313: Excel import does not properly handle cells with individual formatting.
  • WI1314: Show the number of references found in code to be able to detect unused resources.
  • WI1315: Add keyboard shortcut for new key and refactor/simplify the whole workflow.
  • Add shortcuts for cut/copy/paste as well.
  • Add a help button that opens the documentation page.
  • WI1313: Excel import does not properly handle empty cells.
  • WI1312: Huge performance issues since few versions.
  • WI1272: Crash when trying to delete an item => Fixed raise condition in list enumerator.
  • Comment can be set if value is empty.
  • WI1305: Comments are now included in import/export and in copy/cut/paste.
  • WI1294: Context menu does not work in the grouped view.
  • WI1293: Model now has a Save() method.
  • WI1272: Crash when trying to delete an item => Improved error handling for all commands.
  • Fix some minor selection and refresh issues.
  • WI1238: Excel export: Only export the selected files.
  • WI1243: Preserve the selected projects when refreshing/reloading
  • WI1258: Excel export fails
  • WI1264: Showing files with namespace
  • WI1105: Renaming the resource key is possible, references are not updated.
  • WI1237: Fixed: Top edit field does no spell checking.
  • WI1239: Key column is fixed
  • WI1240: Copy&Paste refactored, does now copy/cut all selected rows.
  • WI1230: ResX Manager causes errors in TFS team working
  • WI1233: Error opening exported xlsx to Excel 2013
  • WI1228: Resource File Names are Case Sensitive
  • WI1188: Feature Request - Height Adjustable Rows (Excel like editing filed on the top)
  • WI1206: Exporting error
  • WI1165: improved - automatically add keys and languages when importing.
  • WI1165: Excel export and import.
  • WI1164: Allow file creation in the stand alone application
  • WI1157: Make all comments accessible. Comments are hidden by default, and can be made visible by using the "show columns" toolbar button.
  • Fix WI1155.
  • Fix WI1149 & WI1153: Resources not visible
  • Add Feature WI1136: Support .resw files for windows store apps
  • WI1141: Improve message when an xml file fails to load. Ignore projects that fail to load.
  • WI1133: Improve error message
  • WI1121: Improve error messages
  • WI1098: VS Crash after changing filter
  • WI1091: Context menu for copy resource key.
  • WI1090: Enable multi-line paste.
  • WI1060: ResX Manager crashes after update.
  • WI958: Reference something in DGX, so we don't need to load the assembly dynamically.
  • WI1055: Add the possibility to mark items that do not need translation as invariant.
  • WI1056: Support VS 2013
  • Fix WI1046: VS Crash when sorting the table
  • New WI1055: Add possibility to mark items that do not need translation as invariant
  • Enable spell checker (if .Net language pack for the target language is installed)
  • German localization
  • Fix WI1002: Wrong Spanish flag
  • Fix WI993: Details of load errors are shown in the output pane
  • Catch errors and show in output window.
  • Make the language of the comment column selectable.
  • Add a "Like" button.
  • New filter "Show only rows with missing entries" makes it easier to find untranslated entries
  • Support linked items shared by multiple projects (fixes WI980, 982)
  • Fix WI986: Filtering on column doesn't work most of the time
  • Add new languages (works in extension only)
  • Edit multiple projects simultaneously
  • Flat or grouped view of multiple projects
  • Choose what columns to show or hide
  • Extended project/file filter
  • FIX WI909: Added filter for resource files
  • Sort files alphabetically
  • FIX WI889: Support legacy language tags (e.g. zh-CHS and zh-CHT)
  • FIX WI821: Re-create designer files after modifying neutral language.
  • FIX WI880: column filters restored.

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Thank you for your GREAT work and commitment.
by Xenolith on Feb 29, 2016 at 9:20 AM